Hot dogs – never ending possibilities

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Hot dogs are a popular food since childhood. They

You use your imagination, you can make the Ultimate Dog.

Being the good old stand-by food for picnics and BBQ’s,

To the toppings, then the generation gap shows up. 

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add mustard. It seems kids savor the true taste of the hot dog.

Now come in the adults – Chili and cheese have been around for

A bit in addition to onions, relish, and pickles. Celery salt is a must

To many new ideas keep popping up.

Guacamole can give your dog that tex-mex taste, while corn relish

With some crumbled bacon pieces is a taste you’ll soon learn to


There is a difference you can see and taste.

Cheese goes without saying that it agrees totally with the hot dog,

feta? Going international can be enjoyable and a treat that you might

Want as a keeper.

Some other far-reaching thoughts are sprouts, either alfalfa or sunflower,

cilantro, hot peppers, salsa, crushed tortilla chips, and chutney. I

Green pepper pieces, green onions, tomatoes of every variety, and

even olives if you dare. Fruit is an acquired taste, but I’ve seen

Peach slices on some dogs that I’ve yet to really try.

So no matter what you decide, this summer grill up those hot dogs

And try various methods for producing your specialty dog. You just might

Find out that it had been just as much fun deciding what to place on your

Dog as it’s taking that great bite.

Have fun with your hot dog creations. Food was never supposed to

be boring.